Monday, 30 January 2012


January blues are not fun. Woken up to an awful cold and just want to go tuck in bed but nope... Chemistry Lecture here I come. As for the weather, well.. honestly theres not much to say about it today! I could go and have a walk round the lake but I would rather try and get rid of this darn cold! Do not fear though, here is a lovely picture of a little den-like deck for  the fishers! B.e.a.utiful.

Signed, Kathryn x

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Picture Perfect

What a pretty sight!
I am afraid this photo wasn't taken today as the weathers a bit miserable out so instead I would like to share one of my favourite photos I have taken of the lake. Back in September 2011 with the rays of sunshine glistening over the lake and the rippled reflection of a hot air balloon go by I couldn't help but fall in love with such a picturesque view!

Signed, Kathryn x

Saturday, 28 January 2012

First Otter Sighting

This little creature here ^ is the sole reason I have created this blog. Currently a first year at UEA studying Environmental Science, I thought it was time to start posting the beautiful scenery around the UEA broads and beyond.

I purely went on a walk today as the weather looked divine outside and after partying all night I needed some good quality air to wake me up, little did I know I would come across my favourite animal leaping out of the water.
My camera isn't the best, but how cute is he?! 

Signed, Kathryn x