Sunday, 14 October 2012

To A New Year

3 weeks in and I can already feel the massive jump from 1st year to 2nd year, but before all that lets not forget how amazing Summer 2012 was! 

Summer for me firstly consisted  of a weeks cruise around the Fjords in Norway. I hadn't a clue what to expect but I can safely say it was the most incredible holiday I have ever been on and would recommend it to anyone! The feeling of not knowing what astounding beauty I was about to witness when opening the curtain each morning was enough to bring a smile on my face, there are no words to describe this place so I shall just show you some snaps instead: 

In the second week of Summer I packed my bags and jetted of to Spain for a relaxing stress free holiday with two of my best girls, another holiday I will never forget!
If I haven't bored you enough already, the rest of my Summer consisted of working zzzz, then a weekend away to V-Festival before finally heading of to Ireland with UEA! One word: AMAZING.
However back to reality now with holiday blues and say hello to winter! Bring on second year! 

Signed, Kathryn x