Monday, 9 February 2015

Signed, Kathryn x

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. "(Anatole France) 

Having just sat for an hour re-reading my blog posts its safe to say nostalgia has overcome me. This is one of the first times back on my little blog since a good year and a half ago and I feel that I am in the right mind set to start again.

I tried a new blog that was dedicated to my cupcake recipes and although at the time I did enjoy it, my heart really wasn't following and therefore I lacked passion in my writing and just overall got bored of the scene and competition. Rambling to myself, finding pretty quotes and taking photos of whatever I like is what makes me happy and having learnt to be no one but yourself these days I want to make sure I continue writing this despite the fact that no one will read this.

A lot has changed and times have been rough. Graduating and settling into adult life has been strange but it's just another journey that I will over come and hopefully find a path that will lead me where I want to be. More importantly though is to dedicate this post to my beautiful little cat Popcorn, who passed away and will never ever be forgotten. The most perfect and lovable cat who always kept me smiling when I hit a low and who let me torment him endlessly, R.I.P Poppy I love you and miss you x

Signed, Kathryn x