Saturday, 18 February 2012


Ops, haven't posted for a while! Been busy doing nothing if I'm honest. I have had a few runs around the lake but unfortunately haven't had my camera with me thus am providing you with some old pictures instead, although currently looking out my window the sky seems to be a similar colour to that above. 

The weeks seem to be flying by lately, before you know it it'll be Summer ( which I can not wait for ), but my thoughts this week have been about change.
Do you ever get them moments where you just want to do something different, whether its having a new haircut, changing your fashion or maybe taking up a new hobby? Well that's what I am currently experiencing. Don't get me wrong, I love everything in life at the moment but I want something new and exciting to happen but I just don't know what...
Who knows what the future will bring though, change is always happening and one day I shall look back at all of this and I'm sure my life will be very different to how it is now. 
'people don't change, they become more of who they really are.'
Signed, Kathryn x

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